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GST Registration – Procedure, Rules, Forms, Documents Required

GST Registration – Procedure, Rules, Forms, Documents Required, Online Registration Steps. Find Complete procedure for Online GST Registration. Summary of Procedures and Documents required for registration on GST Portal by the State VAT Dealers. Check Registration Procedure Under GST. Registration of Existing Tax Payers at New GST Portal with Screenshots. GST Registration at New Portal. GSTN Portal India. gstindia registration. Check All GST Updates and GST Latest News from below. Now Scroll down below n Check all details for “GST Registration – Procedure, Rules, Forms, Documents Required”

In this article you may find GST Registration Procedure for Various States like – GST Registration in Rajasthan Bihar, Gujarat, MP, UP, Kerala, Jharkhand, Delhi, Maharashtra, Kolkata, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Telangana, West Bengal etc.. We Provide complete information regarding GST Registration for New Tax Payers and Existing VAT or Sales Tax Delaers. Now check more details for GST Registratio In India from below…GST Registration is Compulsory for All Old VAT, Exise, CST, Sales Tax dealers…

GST Registration – Procedure, Rules, Forms, Documents Required

GST Registration of Existing Tax Payers at New GST Portal

Hi Friends We Provide Complete Registration Procedure for Existing Tax Payers in Separate Article with all Screenshots, Please Check Full Registration Procedure for registration on GST Portal by the State VAT Dealers I following article….


State Wise GST Registration Procedure

Please click on Below State link and Find your Complete Procedure for GST Registration in your State…we also try to Provide Video guide for GST Registration in India…we also try to Provide GST Registration of Other States as soon Possible

Latest Update – Registration will be open till 31st January, 2017 for those who miss the original Due date
Tamil Nadu (TNVAT)Andhra Pradesh (APVAT)
Telangana VATHimachal Pradesh (HPVAT)
Uttarakhand (UKVAT)Rajasthan (rajtax)
Delhi Vat (DVAT)Madhya Pradesh (MPVAT)
Haryana (HVAT)Punjab VAT
Gujarat VATBihar VAT

Must Download – GST Registration Consent Letter, Authorization Letter Format

Steps for GST Registration

GST Registration Steps

GST Registration under GST Law 

Schedule V of the Revised Model GST Law provides cases, where persons are required to obtain registration for the purpose of this Act. Definition of person is given in Section 2(73) of the Act which includes an individual, HUF, company, firm, LLP, AOP or BOI whether incorporated or not, corporation or Government company, body corporate incorporated outside India, cooperative society, local authority, government, societies, trusts, and every artificial juridical persons. The definition of person is therefore enough to cover every legal form of person. The levy is however on a taxable person. As per Section 10, taxable person means a person who is registered or is liable to be registered under Schedule V of the Act.

GST New Registration or GST Fresh Registration

Please Note – New GST Registration is Not Started at this time, currently government migrate only existing taxpayers at new gst portal. Keep visit to our site, we will update you when GST Registration is started for NEW Taxpayers. Thanks…

Application for Registration > FORM : GST REG-01

Above form has two parts A and B

  • Part A for Verification (before applying Registration)
  • Part B for application

Verification Procedure (PART A)

  • Before applying for registration one has to declare his PAN, Mobile number and e-Mail address in Part A of above form which are validated by department in following manner
    • PAN : Through CBDT Database
    • Mobile No. and E-Mail Address : Through OTP
  • After Successful verification an application reference number shall be generated and communicated to applicant on mobile number and E-Mail Address provided by him

Submission of application (PART B)

  • Using generated reference number application to be submitted in PART B duly signed along with all required documents
  • After receipt of application Acknowledgement shall be issued electronically in FORM : GST REG-02

Important –

Verification of application (RULE 2)

  • After submission application goes to proper officer who shall examine the application, if found correct approve grant of registration within three days of submission of application.
  • If application submitted found to be deficient or proper officer needs more clarification, he may intimate electronically in FORM : GST REG-03 within three working days from date of application.
  • Then applicant shall furnish electronically such information, clarification sounght in FORM : GST REG-04 within seven working days from receipt of such intimation
  • Where proper officer is satisfied with the clarification, document furnished, he may approve grant of registration within seven working days from receipt of such information or clarification
  • Where proper officer is not satisfied with the information or clarification furnished, he shall for reasons to be recorded in writing reject the application and inform applicant in FORM : GST REG-05
  • In following cases application for grant of registration is deemed to have been approved
  • if proper officer fails to take any action
    • within three working days from date of submission of application or;
    • within seven working days from date of receipt of clarification or information/document furnished by applicant.

Issue of Registration Certificate (Rule 3)

Where application for grant of registration is approved as per RULE 2, a certificate of registration is issued in FORM : GST REG-06

Effective date of registration is as under :

  • From date on which person becomes liable to registration, if application has been submitted within thirty days from that date.
  • Effective date shall be date of grant of registration as per RULE 2,. If application submitted after thirty days.

Documents Required for GST Registration

Hi Friends we write full article on Documents Required for GST Registration, Please check following article for more details….In this article you may find full list of all required documents for GST Registration….

Documents Required for GST Registration in India – Complete List

GST Registration Flow Chart

Thanks to CA Pradeep Sharma for this Awesome Chart

GST Registration Flow Chart

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